Bookstall and Library


We've put together a selection of quality books and resources from The Wandering Bookseller you might like to buy.

We'll be running the the bookstall after our weekend gatherings about every three weeks.

You'll be able to browse what we've got, pay for your book with your card on our Square Terminal, and take your book home with you.

We will also endeavour to evolve the list of books we source for sale. Please contact us below if you have specific requests.


Borrowing a book from a our library is simple.

1. Access the online library below and explore our collection

2. Click on the 'Ask About This' button and submit your details and a simple message (e.g. "can I borrow this please")

3. Our team will get your message and make arrangements with you. Most likely we'll handover the book at your next weekend gathering!

4. Return the book to us when you're done!


Questions? Suggestions? Do you want contact the bookstall and library team about something?