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Explore Christianity

No matter what your current or previous spiritual beliefs are, we'd love to invite you to join us for our exploring Christianity course.

Resources for Children

A bunch of fun and helpful resources are available for parents of children who attend Jannali Anglican Church.

Resources for Youth

All the information you need about the Friday night and Sunday afternoon livestreams for youth.

YouTube Channel

To see all previous online church encouragements see our channel.

Resources for Growth

Keep yourself growing by joining a Bible study group, and checking out some of these handy resources.


We believe that Christ Jesus came to our world, lived the perfect life, died, and rose again for us. We long to see all people come to joyfully live for Christ in all of life. We're keen to help you take the next step in knowing about and following Him.


Staff, visitors and ministry groups meeting onsite must be booked in with the church office and comply with our COVID-19 safety plan.


In normal times, when gatherings are not suspended, this list shows you our weekly church services. Click the picture for more information.

Saturday Church

Saturdays, 5:30pm
We take God and his word seriously but are relaxed in the way we do things. Includes kids' program.

Morning Church 8am

Sundays, 8am
We use a contemporary Sydney Anglican prayer book and sing traditional hymns.

Morning Church 10am

Sundays, 10am
The focus of our time together, as in all Jannali Anglican services, is on what God says in the Bible and what this means for us in life today. Includes kids' program.

Youth Church

Sundays, 4pm
Youth Church is an energetic 45 minute service that is great for those in high school. Many students help in the running of the service through music, welcoming, Bible reading, and prayers.

Evening Church

Sundays, 6pm
A diverse congregation of workers, young adults, upper high schoolers, families, retirees, and everyone in between. Includes creche for younger children.

Thursday Church

Thursdays, 10am
We love hearing what God is saying to us in the Bible and responding to him in prayer.


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