Women's Winter Workshops

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Women's winter workshops are events hosted by women, for women. Each workshop will run on the 1st of June (Saturday night) from 7:30-9:30pm in someone's home. On the night you will learn a new skill, hear the story of how God has worked in the life of a member of our church and enjoy social time over supper.


Hand build unique pottery pieces as you cut, shape and mould clay. Create something functional, beautiful or both to take home. $15.

Candle Making

Experiment with different scents and colours, give new life to used jars and leave with candles to adorn your space or share with loved ones. $15.

Polymer Clay Jewellery

Learn how to create unique, colourful jewellery as you design, shape and sculpt wearable pieces. $15.

Floral Arrangement

Choose your favourite florals, learn how best to combine elements and express your creativity as you make unique arrangements or bouquets. $15.

Dumpling Making

Watch and learn the art of preparing, filling and shaping dough to make delicious dumplings. Sample different flavours and wow guests with your new skill! $10.


Learn how to make your own delicious kombucha, sample different flavours and leave with a kit to get yourself started at home. $10.


Repurpose material to create scented fabric rosettes. These will freshen your car, wardrobe or home office, warm up a winter space with lovely scents or can be given as a gift. $5.


Blend colour, texture and imagery to create unique collage artworks. Show your creativity and experiment using recycled materials. $5.