Jannali Bible Devotions

Watch Jenn Phillips explain how to use the 5 minute devotions

5 Minute Devotions

You can do a lot in 5 minutes. You can brush your teeth, brew a coffee, or watch an episode of Peppa Pig. You can wash some dirty plates, sort through some clothes, and mindlessly scroll through social media.

In 5 minutes a day, you can also read God’s word.

Howard Bug has the Guinness world record for speed-reading, clocking in at 25,000 words per minute! At that rate, he could read almost the whole way from Genesis to Deuteronomy in five minutes.

You may not have the speed of Howard Bug, but you don’t need to either!

Do you have 5 minutes, five times a week to read God’s word? These devotions have been designed to help you.

The devotions come in two forms:

Guided questions (suitable for everyone) – four quick questions, based on the specific passage for that day


Open questions (suitable for families with young kids) – the same four questions every day with matching icons to help young ones remember them.

How can I use these?

  • As part of your own personal Bible reading time.
  • With your husband/wife.
  • At family dinner time.
  • Whatever is best for you.

For term 4, we will be releasing these devotions once a week. Our hope and prayer is that the people of Jannali Anglican can be people who are committed to the regular reading of God’s word in their personal and family lives.