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Genesis 1-11 Overview Video
Website: Introduction to Genesis (The Gospel Coalition)

Video: Genesis 12-50 overview (The Bible Project)
Podcasts: The Spoken Gospel

Abraham (Ch 12-21) – SpotifyApple Podcasts

Isaac (Ch 22-27) – Spotify – Apple Podcasts

Jacob (Ch 28-36) – SpotifyApple Podcasts

Joseph (Ch 37-50) – SpotifyApple Podcasts


Graphic: Family Trees

Abraham’s Family Tree


Terah’s Family Tree

This is helpful for seeing the family connections to other relatives that feature in the narrative (esp. Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, and Rachel & Leah, the wives of Jacob)

Graphic: Map in time of Genesis

Bible Timeline
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Study Notes from St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London

Help Me Teach the Bible (TGC Podcast)

Richard Philipps on Teaching Genesis

Colin Smith on How to Teach Christ in the Joseph Story