Christmas message from Chris, Stef, Eli, Theo & Nate Overhall

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Feliz Navidad!

Dear friends, thanks for keeping Chile (& us in your prayers). We continue to thank God for our great team of partners. May God grant each one of you a very Merry Christmas (or Feliz Navidad as it’s said in Spanish).

Please PRAY that we are patient, loving, kind and creative in how we can now spend Christmas and the summer stuck at home!!

Please PRAY that this Christmas people will look to the son who was born king to rule an eternal and everlasting kingdom. Please PRAY that we’d continue to grow in our ability to share the good news with our Roman Catholic friends, students and contacts. Please PRAY for new workers to share the gospel in Roman Catholic contexts.

Please PRAY that Jesus would be centre for us as a family and that many Chileans would come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour this Christmas.

Love in Christ


2020 Life in Chile

For Chris, like for many of us, teaching in person for has been replaced with ZOOM gatherings. Chris says, ‘It’s exciting that so many people are keen to study God’s Word!’ This has not be dampened by the global pandemic. Currently Chris is teaching 2 groups of MOCLAM students across Latin America, Intro to the Bible and Old Testament 2. PRAISE God that his word is alive and active and people are meeting God and growing in their relationship with him each day.

On 25 October Chile voted in a national plebiscite to draft a new constitution, please pray for Chileans as they decide what to include in the new constitution. Please PRAY for peace, open ears and good drafting as the country writes its new constitution. May God’s will be honoured.

PRAISE God that the Overhall’s permanent residency has been approved! This allows them to get ID cars and drivers’ licenses. Practically this makes daily life easier for them, PRAISE God!

Chris, Stef and the kids are a house of extroverts who have lived in tight lockdown for most of the year. During the tightest lockdown in Santiago they were not allowed outside their apartment!  PRAISE God that they have a balcony, many other apartments in Santiago don’t (and while you’re at it PRAISE God for the outdoor area at your place).

Stef continues doing a fantastic job home schooling Eli and Theo while Nate ‘run amok’. PRAISE God that the tight lockdown has been lifted and they have been able to go outdoors again. For young Nate he re-discovered the great outdoors like it was the first time.

In COVID new, Chile is on the verge of a second wave. Please PRAY that the measures taken recently in the country to quell an outbreak will work, that the country won’t end up locked down for the summer. Please PRAY that the restrictions would ease enough for the Overhall’s to go away on a holiday. They are tired of being stuck in their apartment and a holiday is much needed.

Finally, let’s join the Overhall’s in sharing the good news with those around us and PRAYING for a world that knows Jesus!

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Prepared by Sarah Skuthorpe on behalf of the Overseas Missionary Committee