Cameron Hyslop   -  

Two weeks ago we had our annual FUSE Camp at Deer Park. Due to Covid regulations restricting youth camps in term 3 we needed to relocate the camp by a month to the start of term 4. The larger Deer Park site also meant we could proceed with a full camp of 60 youth from years 6-8 at school. The weather during the weekend was ideal with a lovely warm Saturday when we were using the pool and waterslide. The sessions were held in the main Recreation Hall and during the weekend we learnt how to sing the song “God of Wonders” with our mouths closed and our hands at work doing Auslan signing. It was a wonderful way for everyone to participate in the song while only 5 were actually allowed to sing.

We explored the final three chapters of the Gospel of John in our sessions. John is the only gospel writer who is an eyewitness of all the events he records concerning Jesus’ death and resurrection (with the exception of Mary’s encounter with Jesus near the garden tomb). The campers were fortunate to not only read first hand accounts, but to have the speaker dress up as John and speak about the events of what had been written. This was coupled with taking the campers to different locations for the input, including a morning talk from John 21 with bread and fish cooking over the coals of a fire that the campers then got to taste.

Activities included archery, water sliding and swimming as well as a series of Amazing Race themed activities that took campers to different countries to compete in various challenges. Part of the fun included taking a virtual plane flight from one location to another. The final challenge involved a flour bomb fight that was heaps of fun.

On Saturday night we had supper time beside the fire and a Q & A session with the speaker. There were many questions and opportunity was provided for the group to consider what the Bible says and then participate in answering questions that had been raised. This session proved to be one of the highlights of the weekend with one of the campers deciding to follow Jesus afterwards.

Thank you to our catering team for cooking excellent meals and to those from our church who came down to help run the archery session and waterslide. We also want to thank those who prayed and all the parents who entrusted their sons and daughters to our care for the weekend. In conversations following camp it was felt that this was one of the best FUSE Camps we’ve had!


JANNALI SUMMER CAMP registrations opened at Trybooking.com on Thursday last week and the camp is already over 30% full. This camp is for students entering years 9-12 at school in 2021. We hope to have our year 6-8 IGNITE summer program ready to open next week.