The Overhall Family in Chile

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Life is a bit different to normal in Chile right now. Similar to here in Sydney, Covid-19 has swept the city, and measures have been put in place to try to control it. The schools are shut and there is even a curfew in place, keeping people off the streets from 10pm-5am (not that this will impact the Overhalls too much). The closure of schools, on the other hand, does impact the Overhall family. Home-schooling is well under way, and attempting to keep three small children with ever increasing cabin fever happy and calm is a trying task. Pray for Chris and Stef as they undertake this task, and as they help not only their children through this time, but also each other. In amongst all of this is cause for celebration – Chris and Stef’s 12th wedding anniversary! Praise God for this milestone and pray as they look forward to many more to come. 

Pray also for the Chilean health system, that it will figure out how best to handle the incoming cases of Covid-19, and also handle those who seek help for other illnesses, and for other reasons such as pregnancy. 

Finally, pray especially for the Chilean church, and for their leaders in particular. As we know well, this is an incredibly difficult time, and shepherding the flock is a tough enough task at the best of times, let alone during a crisis such as this. Pray that they will continue to spread God’s word throughout Chile, and continue to grow His people in their love and knowledge of Jesus. 

Prayer points:

  • Thank God that they are all safe amid the outbreak
  • Pray for Chris and Stef as they home-school three kids with increasing levels of cabin fever
  • Thank God for 12 years of marriage 
  • Pray for the Chilean health system, that it will be able to cope with the numbers of people contracting the virus 
  • Pray for the leaders of the church in Chile, as they shepherd God’s people through this time
  • Thank God for technology so that the church can continue to support Christians in Chile

Caleb Woods – on behalf of the Overseas Missionary Committee

Theo & Eli celebrating Theo’s birthday.