The joy of the Evening Church adults’ weekend away

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The evening church adults’ weekend away in February was a great time of growing in service for one another, speaking the truth in love across our community, and hearing some excellent Bible teaching from the book of James.

A number of the adults from evening church stayed down at Telford in the Royal National Park once again. (And what a blessing to slow down in the midst of God’s awesome creation.)

One of the things I love about going away as a congregation is the chance to meet one another. This happens during coffee breaks and meal times. But also during the sessions. We interviewed some of our members up front over the weekend. And we also had a chance to break into pairs, and chat to one another with some questionnaires. A number of people mentioned how much this helped them get to know others in the congregation whom they didn’t know very well.

The talks from James Galea on ‘A Faith Not Lacking’ from the book of James, were profoundly helpful in shaking us out of complacency and living out our faith in Christ. God’s word challenged us about our motives and internal attitudes towards brothers and sisters, our responses to trials, and how we might turn jealousy and resentment into prayer and love for brothers and sisters.

I loved looking around the room and seeing how our congregation were meeting and loving others across ages, stages and social groups. How encouraging it is to see God working in us by his word to grow lives of obedience to his word.