The Overhall Family in Chile

Chris and Stef Overhall and their children, Eliot, Theo and Nathaniel, have been serving with CMS overseas in Chile for the past 16 months. After intensive language learning, they report that they can now ‘mostly’ understand the sermon in church, and carry on conversations with new friends in their still somewhat limited Spanish.

Chris with some of his students

Chris has started teaching the MOCLAM (Moore College in Latin America) course to the GBU students. He writes, “MOCLAM courses are great. However, my Spanish still needs to improve. Students ask questions, and I understand their questions and have an answer in my mind, but getting it from my mind, which is functioning in English to my tongue which needs to function in Spanish is a whole other story. My first class of students are very enthusiastic and patient with me. We are studying the first subject of MOCLAM called ‘Creation to New Creation’. It’s not really the way people read the Bible here in general and so this subject will be very important for these students and others.”

Chris also worked with one of our other link missionaries, Peter Sholl, to team teach the Doctrine unit. Part of the ministry of MOCLAM is to train and equip others to teach the courses, so a couple of students were invited to teach some of the content as well. 

Many of you will remember Lauren Dewhurst, who was our children’s minister at Jannali for many years. In April she was able to visit the Overhalls, for which they were very thankful. The kids loved talking with her, playing with her, walking home from school together and learning great things about God together.

Lauren Dewhurst visited in April

Please continue to pray for Chris, Stef, Eliot, Theo and Nathaniel as they serve God faithfully in Chile.

  • With new students starting all the time please pray for continued growth in the knowledge of God and for this knowledge to continue to shape and change the way the students think, live and serve in their respective contexts of ministry or life.
  • Pray for ongoing deepening understanding of language and culture.
  • Pray for Chris’ preparation as he leads a workshop at a GBU camp (24-26th May) and for the students who will attend.
  • Give thanks for Lauren’s visit and the encouragement she brought the family.
  • Give thanks for the kids’ school – pray that they will continue to learn and make friends.
  • Pray for Stef as she meets with women from church to read the Bible with them.

By the Mission Committee

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