Miriam Bradshaw

Later this year (August) Jannali Anglican will be visited by our latest CMS link missionary, Miriam Bradshaw. Miriam was a member of our church for many years and worked as a JMAP apprentice (Jannali Ministry Apprenticeship Program) for 2 years before she studied at Moore Theological College. Whilst there, Miriam became more convinced of her desire to head overseas to serve God in a country other than our own.

With this in mind she applied to CMS, was accepted, and is presently studying at the CMS missionary training college, St Andrews Hall, situated in Melbourne. If all goes well, she will head to Spain in the new year. I recently caught up with her and asked her a few questions.

Q: What have you been thinking about and studying recently?

I’ve been thinking about the recent history of Spain and how quickly Spain has embraced secular thinking.  There is such a small number of evangelical Christians, 1% of the population – how can we reach the other 99%?

Q: What does a normal day at St Andrews Hall look like for you?

1.  Maybe start with a walk or cycle around the parks just next door.
2.  Class is from 9-1. We then eat lunch together. Things we think about in class are: analysing culture, conflict resolution, missiological issues (eg. poverty, teaching people with low or no literacy, learning how to equip locals), growing in self-awareness and major world religions.
3. Post lunch is usually reading and working on assignments. Once a week I meet up with my mentor who used to live and do ministry in Europe. I also meet weekly with a friend to read the bible and another day we have chores around the place.
4. On the weekend I attend church at Tottenham Baptist, a bilingual service in Spanish and English.

Q: What will the rest of your year look like?

Holiday week before Easter then more study. Back to Sydney in June to visit my link churches.  3 weeks in Jannali  (in August) – and a week each at my other churches. January 2020 – CMS Summer School and then, God willing, I will fly out to Valencia Spain.

Thanks Miriam

The mission team and ministry staff will keep you posted re Miriam’s visit amongst us. Please pray for her as she prepares to serve God in Spain.

Carolyn Woods on behalf of the Mission Committee

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