Friday 13th October (6pm) - Sunday 15th October (2pm)


Youthworks- Deer Park & Chaldercot

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Rates Explained

We’d love for everyone to be together for the whole time, but we know that will be expensive for some of us. The Youthworks prices tend to increase year on year, as is the case for most things!

How can we help you? First, take note that these rates are already subsidised by our recent fundraising auction. Second, on the rego form there will be an option to donate additional money to assist those who need it. Third, speak to James if you're in need and want to confidentially arrange financial help.

We don't want money to be a reason for anyone to miss out!

We are also offering a 50% discount to Saturday Kids Church junior leader team members. Please access the promotional code from Jenn Phillips, and follow instructions in Trybooking.