• Youth Groups Friday 4th September 2015

    FUSE (Yr 6,7,8) 6pm-7.30pm $1 Bible Input: “Who Are Your Jesus? – Word of God” Activity: Technologic THIRST (Yr 9,10,11) 6pm-9pm $10 Activity: Progressive Dinner Meet & Return: Jannali Anglican Transport: Leaders’ cars (no red Ps) XII (Yr 12) 7pm-9pm $2 Bible Input: “The Future: After Death” Activity: Lip Sync Battle All students welcome

  • SNL on Sunday 30th August

    This Sunday afternoon at SNL we continue our exploration of the New Testament letter to the church in Rome. In Romans 7 the writer, Paul, speaks about the struggle that exists between wanting to do what is right and yet actually doing what is wrong. This is a struggle we all encounter

  • Youth Groups Friday 28th August 2015

    FUSE (Yr 6,7,8) 6pm-7.30pm $1 Bible Input: “Who Are Your Jesus? – Lord” Activity: Teppanyaki / Fruit Ninja THIRST (Yr 9,10,11) 7pm-10pm $2 Activity: Outdoor Cinema Location: Church lawn Bring: Picnic rug / deck chair or bean bag XII (Yr 12) 6pm-9pm $20 + $Dinner Activity: Laser Tag Meet & Return: Jannali Anglican

  • Animated Explanation of the Messiah

    We watched this helpful video at SNL last night which explained what the Bible teaches about the Messiah.