• 2016 XII Escape Form Now Available

    The application form for our 2016 Year 12 XII Escape (alternate schoolies) week was uploaded to our youth resources page this morning. That means students just beginning the HSC journey can start inviting all their friends along to Escape with them next November. Now is the time to make plans

  • SNL on Sunday 25th October

    This Sunday afternoon at SNL we return to our exploration of the New Testament letter to the church in Rome. At the end of last term we looked at Romans 8 over two weeks and saw that God guarantees our salvation because it doesn’t depend on our performance. Rather, our salvation


    FUSE  (Yr 6,7,8) 6pm-7.30pm Friday $1 Bible Input: “What About Those Who Haven’t Heard?” Bonus: We have Ian and Narelle Hadfield from Indonesia presenting. Activity: Guinness World Records THIRST (Yr 9,10,11) 7pm-9pm $17 + Maccas Activity: Laser Tag at Zone 3 Caringbah & Maccas Meet & Return: Jannali Anglican Church, 83 Wattle

  • SNL on Sunday 18th October

    This Sunday at SNL we will be thinking about Mission with Ian and Narelle Hadfield. They have been serving on the mission field in Indonesia with the Church Missionary Society. Ian is the senior minister of All Saints Anglican Church in Menteng, Jakarta. Our church have been praying for Ian


    FUSE  (Yr 6,7,8) 6pm-7.30pm Friday $1 Bible Input: “What About Good and Bad People?” Activity: tilpS redneG THIRST (Yr 9,10,11) 7pm-9pm $2 Bible Input: “Doubting The Cross” Activity: Treasure Hunt XII (Yr 12) 7pm-9pm $2 Bible Input: “Doubting The Bible” Activity: Colourful Teeze All students welcome to join us.

  • Praying For The HSC Students

    Across NSW today, year 12 students sit their first HSC examination. We want to encourage them to know that they are in our prayers over the next few weeks. We pray that they remain calm and are able to concentrate during each exam, understand each question, recall what they have