• The HSC – Remember God loves You

    The HSC Exams are now just two weeks away. In this final Fervr website article, students are encouraged to remember that they are loved by God and that they can lean on Him during times of stress. The exam period can actually be a significant time of witness to unbelieving

  • The HSC – There Is Life After Year 12

    With the start of the HSC exams just 3 weeks away year 12 students across Australia have their heads down. As the exams get closer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing nothing else. In this second article from the Fervr website, students are encouraged to take a

  • FUSE Camp 2015 at Telford

    Each year our FUSE pre-teen group have a weekend camp at Telford in the Royal National Park. Two weekends ago we had our fourth camp with a record number of campers attending. 43 students from years 6-8 registered for the weekend meaning we had a full dining room and very

  • The HSC – It’s Not About The Final Result

    We had a segment for our Year 12 HSC students at our Evening Church last Sunday where we prayed for those about to sit their final exams in 4 weeks time. There are three articles about the HSC on the Fervr website which provide some helpful perspectives and encourage students

  • Youth Groups Friday 18th September

    This week we celebrate the end of term and the end of the winter months with an outdoor fireside activity on the church lawn. FUSE  (Yr 6,7,8) 6pm-7.30pm $1 Bible Input: “Who Are You Jesus? – The Coming Judge” Activity: Fireside Stories THIRST & XII Combined (Yr 9,10,11,12) 7pm-9pm $2 Bible Input: “The

  • SNL on Sunday 13th September

    This Sunday afternoon at SNL we continue our exploration of the New Testament letter to the church in Rome. In the second half of Romans 8 we read that the world and everything in it is currently subject to decay and suffering. This is due to the rebellion we read about