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20-25 January 2020

IGNITE is a 5 day holiday program in January each year for students entering years 6-8 at school.
Each day we have a Bible session time where we look at the life of Jesus Christ.
We also have a program that includes both on-site and off-site activities.

“I would like to say thank you for your wonderful care of all the kids, for the patience you showed as leaders, for your love of them, for the commitment you gave to seeing that the week ran smoothly and for spending a week with these kids so they get to hear about Jesus and see Jesus’ love in action.
My kids said they thought the talks were great. The program was fantastic too, thank you. So after a tiring week for you all, let me encourage you that it is all worth it. My kids had an amazing week.”

“I just wanted to touch base and say that my son had such a good time at Ignite during the holidays.
I found everything to be well organised and he had such a great time.
He has even announced that he would love to go on Friday nights now. When asked why he even gave me the answer of “to learn more about God”…so I’m very pleased he wants to come back and learn more.
Thank you again and I’m sure we will see you again soon.”