XII Escape 2018

Our year 12 students have now finished their final HSC exams and are preparing to come away for a week of XII Escape at Nelson Bay. This year we have fourteen students coming away from 25th November – 2nd December!

We’ll stay in a luxury three bedroom townhouses in Nelson Bay. The townhouses come fully equipped and there is also a swimming pool, spa and tennis court. Just a short walk from the accommodation there is a choice of sandy beaches to relax and swim.

During the week, Josh Maule will be leading us through a series of studies from Ephesians. The studies are designed to help our year 12 students be better equipped to negotiate the transition from high school to young adulthood in the world. Knowing God’s purpose for us and that while we were dead in our sins, He made us alive with Christ provides a solid foundation to respond to the challenges of life that will be faced in the years ahead. Ephesians is filled with theological content as well as practical application.

There are many activities on offer in Nelson Bay including … golf… go karts…sand–boarding… bowling (lawn and 10 pin)… a marine cruise with snorkelling… surf beaches… sea kayaking… camel riding… a quad bike tour… swimming with sharks and sting rays… cinema… and more.

Of course there will also be plenty of time for relaxing… sleeping in… board games… watching movies… sitting by the pool… etc.

One of the joys of escape is the extended interaction that is had between each other. We love it when the members of one townhouse invite others over for some hospitality. Each year we invite members of our church to bake some biscuits or a slice that can be shared. This both enables the students to entertain others during the week and provides an opportunity for those who would like to take part in Escape in a practical way.

If you would like to help in this way, please bring any food to the church office from Wed 22nd-Fri 24th November. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY NUT PRODUCTS and PLEASE label what you have made with the ingredients as we have a few students with intolerance to some food products (anaphylaxis and gluten).

We value your prayers for
– safety travelling to and from Nelson Bay and during the week.
– the Bible study material.
– good relationships during the week.
– students to return committed to God’s agenda for their lives.

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