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Prayer Update | May 2018




Hola From Chile!

We are now well into our first year of service in Chile. As the snow begins to fall on the huge mountains around Santiago we are continuing to learn language and culture, make friends and build relationships, grow in patience and prayer, and ultimately lean on him who is strong! 

We thank God for YOU - our prayer and financial partners. 
We thank God for HIS GOSPEL - our complete assurance and certainty, our only rock and refuge.
We thank God for CHILE - for great gospel ministry already present, for opportunities to work alongside our Chilean brothers and sisters, and for the warm welcome we continue to experience.

Please continue to pray for a Chile that knows Jesus!  



Feeling our way through the past month...

We have experienced most of the normal feelings I'm sure most people would experience when working in ministry in another culture.

  • Excitement at all the new things around us and the great opportunities to serve God's gospel
  • Grief as we miss family and friends
  • Confusion as we misunderstand and are misunderstood
  • Tiredness as we work hard in language learning
  • Joy as we witness good gospel ministry and see people taking positive steps for Christ
  • Sadness as we hear of ministries that hinder the cause of the gospel
  • Impatience as we make slow progress in language and culture
  • Satisfaction of getting seemingly small and simple tasks organised [like vaccinations]

These are just some of the array of emotions we have walked with this last month.

Please pray for resilience, perseverance, steadfastness and daily discipline as we negotiate life and ministry with this mix of normal feelings.


Chris visited a recent GBU event. These are some of the students involved in the GBU movement in the Universities of Santiago. Very exciting to think about the opportunities that exist for the gospel.


Looking ahead for the next month...

The month ahead brings a number of challenges and opportunities for us. 

  • We hope to hear good news, or any news, about the progress of our visa application. In our current visa situation we believe we are not permitted to drive a car any more. Despite having an Australian and International licence, we require a Chilean licence which we can only apply for once our temporary residence visa is finalised. It's not the end of the world and at least we are getting some exercise!
  • The air quality in Santiago declines substantially during the colder months and so we are praying particularly for steady health during the months ahead. It's something we have been briefed about and so we have recently purchased air purifiers for our apartment to help.
  • We continue our language classes with our new language helper Nico and look forward to growing in our ability to operate in Spanish. Chris is also looking into formal language schools for the next stages of language learning.
  • Eliot and Theo are really enjoying school and we are so thankful to God for their school and teachers. We love meeting other parents and look forward to continuing to build relationships.
  • We are really enjoying being part of our local church. As we continue to develop relationships and language skills the opportunities to serve and be more involved will also grow. We seek wisdom about how best to use our time and gifts for the sake of our local church.

Please pray that we will make progress in language, for a timely visa approval and for wisdom in all the decisions we need to make.


Thanks for praying for us as we serve Jesus in Chile!

Love in Christ,
Chris, Stef, El, Theo & Nate

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Prayer Points

1: A Chile that knows Jesus
2: Resilience, perseverance, steadfastness and daily discipline
3: For swift approval of visa application and other administrative things
4: Continued progress in language and wisdom about formal language schools
5: Eliot and Theo in school and their progress in language, education and relationships

Thanks for faithfully praying for the Overhall family with CMS. 

We thank God for you and rejoice in our partnership together in God's great work for a world that knows Jesus.





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