What happens at Christianity Explored?

There is nothing like sharing the gospel to make us depend on God in prayer. I found this once again as I hosted the most recent Christianity Explored Course.

At first I prayed that God would bring along some interested guests. Then, when a group formed, I prayed that we would receive insight into God’s love for the world expressed in Christ. Many others were praying too and I am thankful to God that he responds graciously to our prayers.

Seven people came along—including three guests, and four hosts from Jannali Anglican church. Over seven weeks we worked through Mark’s account of the life of Jesus.

On the first night we let participants know we wouldn’t take their contact details or pester them to return. If they didn’t return, we would be happy they joined us once. But we said we would also be thrilled if they wanted to come back for the weekly discussions.

In the coming weeks everyone returned and a great atmosphere of trust and friendship formed amongst us.

As we read Mark’s gospel, some people asked honest questions about God. Some shared doubts and hang-ups about things in the Bible. Some expressed fascination and surprise about Jesus. Sometimes those of us who are Christians gave satisfying answers. Other times we didn’t. But by and large we let Jesus do the talking by going back to the text of Mark and studying what it says.

Each week, over tea, we read and discussed some short Bible passages and we watched the excellent video presentations by Rico Tice. Having Rico give the talks on the screen allowed for honesty, as guests were able to express disagreement with his points without feeling they were being rude.

Well done to those from our church family who went out on a limb to invite friends and family. Please keep praying for the guests as we try to meet once more, and give each person helpful ‘next steps’.

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