What do these Pictures Mean?

We live in a visual culture, and ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. However, sometimes pictures do need interpretation.

Here are three new pictures designed to communicate the three main things we, as Jesus’ disciples at Jannali Anglican Church, seek to do.

In love and to the glory of God, we pray and proclaim the gospel to…

  1. Reach people around us

Just as a wifi network reaches all devices within range, so we seek to reach the people around us with the words of life in the gospel about Jesus. Motivated by love for people, and the glory of God, we want to connect with people, call people to follow Christ, and to welcome and include people into our church life.



  1. Build each other

As (some of us) seek to strengthen our bodies with weights, we want to strengthen and encourage each other in our walk with Jesus. We work to establish new Christians in the faith, and to help existing Christians keep growing in spiritual maturity (in faith, hope and love) through all the stages and seasons of life. A key aspect of this is our regular meeting together for spiritual ‘body building’ (Hebrews 10:24-25 & Ephesians 4:15-16).



  1. Multiply disciple makers

The third picture represents one person becoming two – as cells multiply in the body. Jesus commissioned his disciples to make more and more disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). We continue this work by multiplying the number of people engaged in reaching and building others. This involves equipping ourselves for the task, serving in whatever situation God places us, and sending willing and able people to make disciples in other places.


Keep an eye out for these pictures. The plan is to use them to communicate what we’re on about, and to further build a culture where ‘making disciples’ is a way of life.





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