What are Church Buildings for?

Some thoughts in light of our building plans…

Church property exists to support the ministry of the gospel to people. Any improvements to our building must contribute substantially to our ministry plan.

Good buildings contribute significantly to gospel work. They provide spaces for the word to be preached and responded to, for people to pray, for people to love each other, for people to connect with the community, and for people to minister to each other. In all this buildings can function to help or hinder the work of ministry.

Buildings also make a statement. They communicate our theology and values – what is important to us. They also contribute to the culture of a church – segmented or connected, open or closed, welcoming or forbidding, neglected or cherished.

Buildings are not for our comfort or profit. They are for the ministry of gospel in people’s lives. They are long term investments, a legacy from one generation to the next. Each generation must also be wary of allowing a desire for comfort to prevent investing in buildings for the present and the future.

Our building should not stand out as being ‘flash’, but it should meet community expectations for a safe, pleasant and contemporary facility. It should be accessible to all ages and degrees of physical ability. It should be welcoming, functional and flexible in order to help, rather hinder our ministry.

Our building should provide for the kind of ministry we want to conduct now and into the future. No longer do people simply walk into church services run by clergy. Ancillary facilities for connecting with the community, and for building strong relationships now take on a far greater importance.

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