Update – July 2017

We want to improve the way our building supports and provides for ministry.

In May we decided to proceed towards lodging a development application.

We are now working hard in 3 areas.

1. Detailed plans for a Development Application

Our aim for July/August is to capture all the information we need to produce a refined and more detailed plan. To this end…

  1. We value your input. If you have ideas, requests or suggestions about the design details, please submit them to us. We are grateful for, and have taken account of all your previous submissions (via your emails and the last survey), but we would benefit from any further thoughts you might have.The submission form will remain open until 20 August.
  2. We have set up 4 small working groups to focus on the design of our new kitchen, refurbished hall, new children’s play area, and audio-visual requirements. We will forward any of your submitted ideas to these groups.
  3. We have asked our architect, Geoff Deane, to re-consider some areas of the plan including the design of the accessible ramp to the church building, storage (especially for the hall), our ‘street presence’ and issues of lighting and ventilation.
  4. We plan to visit our neighbours and also seek their input into the planning process.

Having captured the information we need, we hope to produce an updated plan in early September. We will then seek a pre-DA meeting with the Council and commission any required reports to accompany our application. We are working towards lodging our application in November.

2. Communication

We want to keep everyone informed of our progress, encouraging much prayer and conversation. Here are several ways we hope this will happen.

  1. This is the first of what we hope will be monthly updates.
  2. We have created a blog page within our church website, where we will post all information and updates. You can find it here, or via the menus on our home page (select “Blogs”, then “Building for Ministry”).
  3. You might like to consider visiting another church to see how their building supports their ministry, and what we can learn. Perhaps gather one or two others to go with you and bring back any tips for the design of our community space/foyer, kitchen, hall, chairs, meeting area, etc. Some Anglican churches with relatively recent buildings include Dapto, Oran Park, Annandale and Rooty Hill. (These are each on a larger scale than our proposed plan).

3. Finances

A small team is gathering to work out how we can best fund the work. They are looking at…

  • What we can learn from the experiences of other churches.
  • How and when we might seek pledges.
  • Opportunities to apply for grants from the government or other organisations.
  • Whether some giving could be tax deductible.
  • How our cash flows can best be managed, ensuring that our regular ministries continue.
  • Where we could seek a loan with the most favourable terms.

As you can see, there is much work to be done. Please pray that God will give us wisdom, provide for us and continue to bless our efforts to serve him through the ministries of our church.

John Manning, Ally McKerron, Tim Pinnock  (Wardens)
Neil Fitzpatrick (Senior Minister)

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