Update – August 2018

What’s happening with our plans to build for ministry?

Still waiting for Council approval

We have now been waiting nearly 6 months for our DA to be approved. The Council has assured us that our application is progressing smoothly, and so far there are no anticipated problems! Please keep praying about this.


A team to make it happen

We now have a Project Control Group – Stuart McKinnon, Andy Heard and Mel Balhatchet.  These three people will take responsibility to manage the project from the time of DA approval to completion. Along the way they will look to the wider congregation for people who can contribute skills in specific areas. Please give thanks for these people! (If you would like to see more on how we plan to manage the whole project, you can download our Governance Framework here)


Progress in collections

Thank you to all who have been fulfilling your pledges. So far we have collected $571,000. If you need a reminder of what you pledged, or have any questions, please contact Gordon Rees, our pledge administrator. (Bank account details are at the foot of our weekly service sheet).



What lies ahead?

Some have been asking “When do we start work?”. Once our DA is approved there is much to do before work actually starts.


If you have any questions, please contact one of us.

Ryan Broom, Paul Johnston, John Manning (Wardens)
Neil Fitzpatrick (Minister)

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