Update – August 2017

Here is a brief summary of progress towards our building for ministry.

Our main aim for July/August was to capture all the information we need to produce a refined and more detailed plan. To this end we have…

  1. Collected your further ideas and thoughts via the survey that closed on 20 August. Thank you to all who made submissions.
  2. Received reports from 2 working groups – one with some great thoughts on planning for the hall, and the other with detailed plans for our audio-visual requirements. Two other working groups (one looking at the kitchen, and the other at the play ground) are ‘working on it’.
  3. Obtained advice on ways forward for heating, cooling and ventilation.
  4. Sought professional advice on the capacity of our current power supply.
  5. Visited our neighbours to invite their input into the planning process.
  6. Applied for a pre-DA meeting with the Council to identify any potential issues.
  7. Met with our architect to ask him to re-consider some aspects of the plan including our street frontage and the design of the new access ramp to the church.
  8. Researched alternatives for replacing our worn church seating
  9. Agreed to make an appeal for pledges in November.

As you can see, there is much work being done, and much still ahead of us.

Please pray that God will give our whole church wisdom, provide for His work here, and continue to use us to gather people to live with Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

John Manning, Ally McKerron, Tim Pinnock  (Wardens)
Neil Fitzpatrick (Senior Minister)

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