Two events to help us grow

In June, two events in the annual calendar will be helping men and women to grow in our love and trust of Jesus.

There is the Equip conference for the women on June 22, at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

EQUIP19 – In the Spirit of Love from EQUIPwomen on Vimeo.

And for the men, there is Gong Men’s Day on June 15 in Dapto (for churches in the southern region hence the reference to ‘the Gong’).

Many men and women in our church enjoy attending these conferences each year for refreshment, growth and training in how to live as God’s people. This happens through the excellent teaching from the Bible at these events. And both days are opportunities to chat over the things we learn with other men or women from church. It’s also a blessing to eat together, and share more time together than usual.

The Gong Men’s Day this year is focussed on equipping men with knowing and sharing the gospel. The main speaker Sam Chan has been very helpful to many in this space since the publication of his award winning book on evangelism in 2018. As Sam says, “We have a personal faith, but it’s never meant to be private.” His goal is to help us there.

The Equip Conference is thinking through something hugely important as they unpack the place of gifts in our lives and in the church from 1 Corinthians 12-14. As they ask in their video: “Should we use our spiritual gifts or not?” The answer? “Love is the missing piece to the puzzle!”

Guys will be carpooling down the hill to Dapto.

And different women from Jannali Anglican Church will be catching the train into the day session or the twilight session, while some will be livestreaming the conference from church.

To come along, or find out more about these options, contact or even better, reply to the weekly email for your congregation.

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