Thursday Church

Thursday mornings are a highlight of my week.

At 10am each Thursday (during school terms) around 30 people meet for church.

Around 1/3 are older members of our church and community, who appreciate the mid morning start time, warm fellowship, and a spectacular sit-down morning tea.

Another 1/3 are residents of Chesalon Jannali, who are transported each week on a bus. With walkers, wheelchairs and crocheted blankets, they are valued and enthusiastic members. Some have been Christians for many years, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to be part of our church.

The final third are the wonderful team who come and serve, and also receive much encouragement from the older members.

The church service is friendly and cheerful.  We remain seated for 2 hymns (played on the organ), hear a shorter sermon, and pray together. This is probably our most interactive service with a time for questions and comments after the sermon, and a collection of prayer points.

We are currently reading through Matthew 8 & 9. Last week I spoke on why it’s worth following Jesus.

Would you like to join us on Thursday mornings? You would be most welcome.

Or perhaps you know someone you could invite or encourage to come along.

Please thank God for this ministry, and pray that He will continue to sustain and transform all who come.


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