Thursday Church

Thursday Church is growing! Each week around 30 people meet to hear God’s Word, pray, sing, encourage each other and enjoy a famous Thursday Church morning tea.

The service caters especially for those who have reached the stage of life where it is hard to make it to church by 8am on Sunday mornings – but of course is open to all.

Here are some features of the people…

  • We have 3 members who are 95 and over.
  • Each week around 10-12 people come on a bus from Mildred Symons House (formerly ‘Chesalon’)
  • Many members have been Christians for decades, and have so much wisdom to share. Others come to hear and consider the Bible’s teaching.
  • Although life can be very hard in old age, there is also much joy in those who know the Lord and the hope of life in his new creation.
  • The congregation is served by a wonderful team of people who arrange everything each week, and care for other members in many practical ways.

Here are some features of the service…

  • It starts at 10am, and we go to morning tea around 10:45.
  • We use an Anglican prayer book printed on a card.
  • Everyone stays seated to sing – mostly songs from the hymn book, sometimes other old favourites with words on the screen – and occasionally we sing along with ‘classics’ from Andrew Barry’s iphone (eg. The Hallelujah Chorus).
  • There are lots of walkers parked at the back and sides of the church
  • It is the most interactive of our services – with time for questions and comments, and collecting prayer points.

Are you free on Thursday mornings? Perhaps you’d like to join us. Or perhaps you know and older friend or neighbour you could bring along. Or perhaps you’d like to come and serve. Whatever the case –you would be made very welcome at Thursday Church.


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