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Pete & Sarah Sholl are working with CMS in Monterrey, Mexico. The life of a missionary can sound glamorous, or daunting, or …??

But in her recent prayer letter, Sarah writes that much of what she does is ordinary ministry –  simply opening the bible with the people in her life and allowing God to work through his word.

Sarah writes:

On Wednesday as I was waiting for women to arrive for the Mum’s and Bub’s Bible Study I was WhatsApp chatting with Pete in Aguascalientes. I took the photo above (at 10:23 for a 10am group) and captioned it “sitting here with all my friends”.

I thought, it’s not the greatest photo, but it got me thinking: it’s exactly what I want to share with you faithful supporters. This is ordinary ministry!

I know that God is sovereign, and it’s his business who he brings to Bible study each day!

Soon after, Lily came and we were encouraged to see the difference that fearing God makes in day to day life (Psalm 111, 112, and 116). We also chatted (concretely) about how she could talk with her husband and mother to help them see that it’s God who has changed her life, and encourage them to want to know Jesus.

The week before, only Dayanna came. She was more animated in the Bible study than she’s ever been before and was asking questions and making good connections. She also shared some painful things which she never would have shared with more people.

The Mums and Bubs group is greatly affected by many things, so I now think of it as 1-1 Bible reading with 7 different women, and sometimes a few will come at the same time.

On Sunday’s Sarah leads another bible study with similarly irregular attendance:

In all of it, my aim is to open the Bible with those God brings, and seek to encourage them. That’s the joy of ordinary ministry.

From Pete & Sarah’s perspective, missionary life is about living for God wherever he has put you, pointing people towards Jesus.

What about you?

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