The Sholls in Latin America – Long Term Mission

Pete & Sarah Sholl and their daughters Karina, Lucy and Miriam are working with CMS in Monterrey, Mexico.

Their primary ministry is running MOCLAM, an organisation that provides correspondence and intensive Bible courses throughout Latin America. They are also active members of their local church.

They have been serving as missionaries since 2008 – currently in the middle of their third term.

This long term commitment to serving in the field, and our long term partnership with them, is an important part of their effectiveness.

Here are a few ways that a long term commitment to crossing cultures is growing God’s kingdom:

  1. Pete travels the Spanish speaking world, regularly meeting people at different conferences and teaching opportunities. As people get to trust Pete and the MOCLAM material, the course gains participants, which ultimately results in people being better equipped to share the gospel in their many different situations.
  2. Several ministry organisations have taken on MOCLAM as their standard training material.
  3. Sarah has been leading Bible studies for some time. As time has progressed she has had the opportunity to identify and train others to lead. This enables her bible study ministry to be multiplied, as well as growing the faith and skills of those who are now leading.
  4. Jannali’s recent mission trip is another example. Pete & Sarah organised things, gained church support and so on because people knew and trusted them. And the participants who came were also a result of Pete & Sarah’s relationships in the broader church.

These are just a few examples – but they help to show the importance of supporting our missionaries to stay for the long term.

So what can you do today?

Pray –
• for the family to be refreshed by upcoming summer holidays
• for MOCLAM students and others being trained – that they would grow in love and knowledge of Jesus
• for good friendships for each of the Sholls

Care –
• get in touch & let them know that you are interested in what they are doing

Give –
• CMS Lasting Hope Appeal is seeking $1.4M to keep our missionaries going.
• Donate to the CMS Lasting Hope Appeal

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