The Sholls are coming

Pete & Sarah Sholl and their daughters Karina, Lucy and Miriam are working with CMS in Monterrey, Mexico.

Their primary ministry is running MOCLAM, an organisation that provides correspondence and intensive bible courses throughout Latin America. They are also active members of their local church.

They have been serving as missionaries since 2008 and are currently in Australia and will be joining us in the first week of July for deputation.

Deputation is a time for us to hear about the Sholls’ work, to re-connect with them and support and encourage them in their work. While they are with us they will join us at church, Pete will be preaching, Sarah will be speaking at the Women’s learning day and there will be various other opportunities to hear about the family and their work.

While they are here there will be time to hear about the growth of the MOCLAM team in Latin America. The Sholls now work with a team of three other CMS families, including our other link missionaries, the Overhalls. The MOCLAM team now has great diversity of skills to see the growth of the gospel in Latin America.

The Sholls will be returning to Mexico in August, which will bring a big change to their family as they will be leaving their eldest daughter Karina behind. Karina has recently completed an International Baccalaureate (international year 12) and will be staying in Sydney to work and then start university next year.

How can you support the Sholls:


  • for the family as they prepare to leave Karina in Australia when they return to Mexico: that they will have enjoyable and memorable times as a family before they farewell Karina.
  • for energy during this short deputation and for the preparation of sermons and talks.
  • For Sarah as she helps Karina settle into life in Sydney.


  • Get in touch. Let them know that you are interested in what they are doing.


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