The Sampsons’ Work in Kenya

Over the last six and a half years, the Sampsons’ have served as missionaries in Kenya.  Here is a snapshot of some of the work they have been involved in:

Inaugural Bishops Training Institute Conference
On Thursday 29th September, Anglican Bishops from Nigeria, South Sudan,Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania converged on the beautiful Brackenhurst Conference Centre in Limuru for the inaugural GAFCON Bishops Training Institute Conference. This was coordinated by Paul in partnership with a wonderful godly Kenyan Bishop, Samson Mwaluda. For 8 days, the 29 recently inaugurated bishops enjoyed a feast of interactive workshops and lively discussion about many issues pertaining to sound Biblical leadership; as well as an enthusiastic and creative interpretation of the rules of volleyball. The presenters at BTI1 included three archbishops and bishops from Africa and the USA.

Carlile College Graduation
On Saturday 19 November 95 students graduated from Carlile College- mostly with the Diploma in Missions accredited by St Paul’s University Limuru. This was a great day of celebration, as the culmination of three years work for these students. Graduates will now return to countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Zambia and various parts of Kenya to be reunited with their families and continue their ministries there.

PTC Graduation
Back in 2004 Paul first went to Kenya to teach the Moore College PTC courses, at that time in a rural centre called Embu. Since then he has taught hundreds of students in a dozen different locations around Kenya and East Africa and Nigeria. On Wednesday 16th November Kenya had its first PTC graduation with more than 70 students graduating, having successfully completed the six courses of OT1, NT1, Doctrine 1, Creation to New Creation, Promise to Fulfilment and Ephesians. This joyous occasion included Paul being honoured by the students as they dressed him in the traditional bright red Maasai shuka, followed by much feasting and rejoicing. Most of the graduates have not had the opportunity to complete any other formal theological studies.

“My life has been changed by my time at Carlile College.  I now understand better how the whole Bible points to Jesus”  Graduating student, November 2016

Paul writes:
There are many aspects of life and ministry in Kenya that we have enjoyed enormously, and believe have been of value to the Kingdom.  Theological education must remain a vital component to the Church’s ministries and Africa is arguably one of the most important regions to focus attention.  Carlile College will continue to have a role to play in the years ahead.
We are praying that the Lord would provide a suitable ministry opportunity for me back in Sydney!

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