The Overhalls with CMS

Chris and Stef Overhall have been part of our church over many years, but we have recently had the pleasure of spending concentrated time with them and their children Eliot and Theo, during their 3 weeks of deputation with us. They have been accepted as CMS missionaries, and early in the new year will move to Chile, where they will eventually teach the MOCLAM course. They will be based in Santiago and will spend their first year learning language and culture. We encourage you to be supporting the Overhalls with prayer, care and finances. They have other link parishes, Orange Evangelical Church, Oatley West Anglican, Sylvania Anglican and Cranebrook TOMS Anglican, some of which they have already visited, but others which they are yet to visit before setting off to Chile. They also will be spending a weekend in Katoomba in December in preparation for Summer School.  

Stef is pregnant, expecting their 3rd child on Nov 1.  They will have a very busy time handling all the arrangements for their trip as they need to obtain a birth certificate for the baby, then a passport and visa, and only then can they purchase their airline tickets.

The Overhalls would really appreciate our prayers for them. 

  • Firstly for a safe delivery of a healthy baby, on time.
  • For all the arrangements for their overseas travel to go smoothly.
  • For their time at Summer School that they will be encouraged and also inspire others to consider ministry opportunities.
  • For their families and friends as they say their goodbyes.
  • For Stef & Chris’s family here who will miss them when they go.
  • For the many challenges they will face living in a different culture.
  • For Eliot and Theo as they will be attending Spanish speaking schools.
  • For a suitable language teacher who can come to their home.

Save the date:
CMS Commissioning Service at 10.30am on December 16, at Jannali Anglican Church. Everyone is invited to attend and support the Overhall family.  Time will be spent in prayer, praise, rejoicing and giving thanks before they leave for the mission field.

Clair Parkes on behalf of the Missionary Committee

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