The Overhalls in Chile

Chris and Stef – with their kids Eliot, Theo and Nate – have been in Chile now for almost 8 months.  In that time, they’ve experienced many new things, including school for the kids, new food and learning to function in another language. They spent the first six months settling in and developing their Spanish skills, and now they are beginning to see the fruits of their hard work.

Chris recently (3rd Sept) had his first teaching opportunity in Chile. He preached at the GBU (University Bible Group) on Esther 7 – in Spanish! This development in language is remarkable, especially considering Chris and Stef only started learning Spanish at the start of the year! Stef has also seen the hard work she’s put into language learning beginning to pay off. She used a set of pictures and her new Spanish skills to tell her testimony to some of the students at GBU.

Chris and Stef are thankful to God for his care of them while they have been in Chile, and also for the relationships they’ve been able to develop with the people in their new lives, especially as they’ve grown more and more fluent in Spanish.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that they will continue to develop their Spanish skills in order to communicate more fluently with students at the GBU
  • Pray for the kids, that they will continue to settle into school and life in Chile, and continue to make progress with friendship and language
  • Pray for SENACAP, the annual training conference for GBU students in Chile (15th-19th Sept)
  • Pray for Chris and Stef that they will continue to grow spiritually in the Lord, and that he will encourage them all through his word
  • Give thanks for the way that God’s people in Chile and in Australia have supported them over the last 8 months or so

Caleb Woods – on behalf of the Mission Committee

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