The Overhall’s in Chile – Starting Out

Stef and Chris Overhall, along with El, Theo & 3 month old Nathanael are CMS missionaries in Santiago, Chile. They’ve joined the MOCLAM team, teaching Bible courses that equip Spanish-speaking Christians to read & understand God’s Word. They arrived on January 20 and will spend 2018 learning language & culture. Here is a recent update from Stef:

Hello JAC! We’re so thankful for your prayers – God has been taking good care of us. We’ve had a soft landing here in Chile, with other missionaries greeting us at the airport & providing a temporary place to stay.

We recently moved into our own apartment & have been busy collecting furniture, bedding, pantry & cleaning stuff. Starting from scratch in another culture takes a lot of time, but we’re (usually) having fun!

We visited a local church last week & were warmly welcomed. Lots of people spoke English, so we’ll have to be stricter next time & say, “solo español por favor”!

A privilege & highlight of our first 2 weeks has been getting to know Alejandra, our language helper. She’s a godly Christian woman  who visits 5 days a week to teach us Spanish. We’ve had lots of fun pointing, looking & acting things out, as we try a less traditional language-learning method!

The kids are settling in well, but at times they miss their Aussie cousins. El & Theo start at a Spanish-speaking school in March. This will be good for their language acquisition & our brain-space. The 5 of us have been spending a lot of time together (let the reader understand)!


  • Give thanks for God’s provision of an apartment, language tutor & friends.
  • Pray that we’ll patiently shepherd the kids through this season.
  • Ask God to help us gain a deep understanding of Chilean language & culture.
  • Pray that we’ll grow in faithful dependence on our Father



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