The Hadfields in Jakarta

Narelle and Ian Hadfield, our link missionaries, are now back in Indonesia after time spent in Australia on long service leave. They had a wonderful time with Beth (their daughter) and extended family and friends. Ian particularly was able to have a holiday after many months of manning and caring for two congregations (an hour or so apart) in Jakarta. Now that South Jakarta has employed Alan and Helen Wood (ex -CMS missionaries in Nigeria), Ian is freed to concentrate on the Menteng congregation.

He is running two bible studies, one at Menteng, and the other meeting half way between the 2 churches. Both are encouraging. Ian asks us to pray that people will grow in their understanding of Gods word and how to live it out in a country where Christianity is not the dominant religion.

Ramadan is presently on so take some time right now to pray for Indonesia in particular but also for Moslems in general that although spiritual and wanting to please God that they may come to know Jesus as their personal saviour and true forgiveness through Him.

Narelle’s womens bible study which began from scratch in February is growing consistently. At present it is the “summer” quiet time, so pray that as things return to normal in August, women will want to meet together to share around God’s word. There has been a great increase in children coming to Sunday school, with 2 classes now operating and enough volunteer teachers. Join the Hadfields in thanking and praising God for this growth.

The political situation seems stable at present and Ian asks that we pray for the Australian Ambassador who is presently attending Menteng with his wife and children. Pray too for Ian as he seeks to care and support him and other men and women in important roles in the region. Having been in Indonesia for 7 years, Narelle and Ian have informed the church council that they are happy to extend their contract. The wardens are in agreement with this. The decision rests with the church board in the coming weeks. We will be welcoming the Hadfields in the coming months when they visit us on home assignment.  

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