Thankful for Sean Balhatchet’s Ministry

Sean Balhatchet has been such a gift from God! And I am personally very thankful for him. He is a greatly loved and admired member of our Jannali church family, especially at our Saturday congregation and in our kids ministry. I’m not writing this because he is leaving our church, but to call on public thanksgiving for what he has done.

Sean stepped into the breach. In February 2016 we learned the hard news that my teenage son, Nathan, was going to have a long hard road ahead of him with cancerous tumours all through his body. (For those who don’t know he went to be with Jesus, his Lord and Saviour almost exactly year later). In March last year, Neil and the wardens offered Sean a two day a week role of Saturday Church Pastoral Worker. He kept things going organisationally and with great care of people so that I could be freed-up to spend more time with my family, especially Nathan in hospital. This was a benefit to church, but also an inestimable kindness to Ruth and me.

Sean didn’t just step into a big breach once, but twice. It is a pattern I’ve noticed, if something needs to be done and he can help, he is there. When Lauren departed in October last year, Sean was also willing to fill the role of Children’s Minster until a permanent replacement was found. He completes that role at the end of this year, and Leah Gorring begins mid January.

Sean has not just been keeping the wheels rolling in children’s ministry, but has been pushing forward, in developing curriculum, training and appointing new leaders to key positions and setting things up for next year really well. Kids ministry has been really strong this year.

In January, Sean is starting his new job at Olsen’s Funerals, which I think is an excellent fit. His proven strength, love, wisdom, compassion and organisation abilities should serve him well as he helps people through very difficult times. I began saying a personal thank you to Sean, but it is more than personal. Many people at church have appreciated what he has done for us all.

  1. We are buying a present for Sean. If you want to contribute, you can do so and drop an envelope with his name on it into the box in the church foyer.
  2. We are having a special supper after Saturday Church, with prayer and an open mic on Saturday 16th (but anyone is welcome). Come along and join us from 6:45pm. Bring finger food to share if you want (not nuts).

Please thank God for him personally and publicly and pray for open doors in his new workplace and future ministries.

Andrew Barry

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