Superhero Kids Club

Here at Jannali Anglican Church it’s not only the kids who are excited for the April school holidays but the adults as well.  We are all looking forward to our superhero themed holiday kids’ club on the 16th, 17th and 18th April.  For the kids, it will mean loads of fun with games, craft, activities, drama, songs and hearing from the Bible about how Jesus is the greatest superhero ever.  We will also have a café for those parents and guardians dropping off their kids each morning.  There will be free coffee and an opportunity to hear a member of our church share their story of life and faith. 

Most of all, both kids and adults are excited tell others about the kids’ club so that they can also take part.  Our Superhero Kids Club is not just for those who are already part of our church or who share our Christian faith, but it is open to our wider community.

Why not join us?  There are a few ways you can be involved.  Feel free to invite children who are in Kindergarten to Year 5.  If you would like to register and see some more information, click here.

Secondly, our holiday kids’ club is run by a team of volunteers from our church.  Our volunteers include high school and university students, mums of small children and retirees who are all passionate about kids having an opportunity to hear about Jesus.  Please pray for them as they prepare for the kids club that God will sustain them and bless their efforts.

Why take my word for it?  Here is some feedback on the holiday kids’ club:

“Leah, I’ve been waiting for this for years!” – child aged 10

“Three days!  How awesome is that!  Three days of fun activities, even better than church camp – and you know how much fun that is!” – child aged 9

“It was a time when the whole church came together” – a mum, of past kids clubs we have run

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