Student Testimony

It can be hard to imagine what it is like to live as a Christian in South-East Asia. This is the testimony of ‘John’ (not his real name), a student at the Bible College where Malcolm works in South-East Asia. He is one of the students we sponsored last year with our ‘Buy a Buffalo’ fundraiser.

“I grew up in a family of five children in a rural area far from a city. From childhood I had to work as a laborer and even a house servant. Our family life was difficult and we did not have enough rice to eat and clothes to wear. My parents quarrelled and we lived in a no-love atmosphere. I played with bad friends and was driven into gambling, alcohol, fighting and stealing. I always felt insecure and lived a life of no hope.

When I was 18, my mother accepted Christ and tried to persuade me to believe in God. She prayed for me every day. Finally, I decided to open my heart to Him. After putting my faith in God, I found my life transformed by Him. I used to live without hope; however, now I have hope in Jesus Christ. Feeling so grateful to God, I made a vow to offer my life to serve Him. I served God in church and took care of the group of teenagers and young adults in my church. I also participated in the evangelism ministry of my church.

In 2013, the Bible College was established and I realised that it was an opportunity for me to be trained and equipped with the Word of God. My family strongly opposed my decision. Since I entered the Bible College, my family has not provided money, but God has used many ways to provide for me. I have also worked as a construction worker on summer vacations to earn some money as a supplement to my tuition fees and daily needs.

After graduation, I plan to take part in teaching, missions, church planting as well as teenagers and young adults ministries. I have a wife and an 8-month old baby now and we face persecution from our families. My wife’s family are not Christians, so they often put pressure on us. My own family does not agree to my study, so they do not help us. My wife wants to go to work to make money for family life, but our child is too small. We are trusting in God’s providence day by day.”

Please remember ‘John’ and students like him in your prayers.

The Missionary Committee

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