Starting the Christian Life

Things are at their most vulnerable when they have just been born:  a new baby, a tiny chick just hatched, a fragile shoot emerging from the ground, etc.  We give new life special care and nourishment to help it become established.  This is also true in the Christian life.

Do you know someone who has recently come to new life in Jesus?

Here are five things you can do to help them get established in the Christian life.

1. Pray for them. They need God’s provision and protection.

2. Help them learn to feed themselves. Show them how you read/hear the Bible to nourish your faith.

3. Help them to meet with other Christians. Take them to regularly attend a loving, Bible based church/group where they can benefit from the encouragement and example of others, and also learn to serve.

4. Offer to meet with them one-to-one to read the Bible and talk about the Christian life. You could read one of the Gospels together, or Acts, or a letter like Colossians. Or you could use something like “Just for Starters” or “Christian living for Starters”, which are both sets of short studies designed especially for new Christians. Both of you prepare answers to questions from just a verse or two, then meet to talk about it.

5. Lend them a book, or share a link. A good book for new Christians is called “Right Side Up” by Paul Grimmond. Another book now out of print, but still downloadable is called “Kicking Off”.  As you talk with a new believer they will probably have lots of questions.  You can help them by finding resources that address their particular issues.

At Jannali Anglican Church we want to help every new Christian to become established , and continue growing in the faith.


Note: The resources listed above (and many more) are available from Matthias Media. See especially the follow up section.


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