SRE In Local Schools

Over the last few weeks, SRE (Special Religious Education) lessons have resumed in NSW Primary Schools. In our local area, 19 teachers and helpers will be teaching 32 classes in 6 local schools. Around 550 students will be in classes every week, many from backgrounds with parents who do not attend church, but see the value in their children receiving Christian education. The students learn from the Bible through Youthworks’ Connect curriculum – a resource that ensures the Bible is taught faithfully and age-appropriately to the students.

Leah Gorring is the SRE coordinator this year, supporting the team of teachers, some of whom have been teaching for decades.

SRE has received negative media attention in recent years, but God’s word is still going out. However, we can’t take it for granted, so please continue to pray for this vital ministry.

A recent Study of SRE and it’s Value to Contemporary Society has revealed the following advantages of SRE in schools.

Strengthening values education
Psychological benefits to students’ mental health and wellbeing.
Strengthening students’ culture and identity
Strengthening multiculturalism in Australia by enriching religious diversity.
Creating a ‘safe place’ for exploring religious identity at school.

If you visit the Why SRE? website you can view a video of the impact SRE teachers are having in the lives of students.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in becoming a teacher yourself, please let Leah know. The only qualifications needed for a helper – beyond a passion for this ministry – is a valid government Working With Children Check (WWCC) number and up-to-date Safe Ministry training.  Those wishing to teach also need to complete five 2 hour modules of accreditation training.

Please give thanks for

The faithful SRE teachers.
Those who hear the gospel in SRE.
The good relationships we have with our local schools.

Please pray that

God’s word will be faithfully taught.
Students will listen, be engaged, and respond to the lessons.
God will raise up more teachers/helpers committed to SRE.
That opponents of SRE will not be able to stop this important ministry.

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