Square 1 Camp

Last weekend over 280 people (including 12 year 5 kids and their leaders from Jannali), representing 19 different Anglican churches, converged on Deer Park for Square 1 Camp.

Square 1 camp is run by Youthworks and its main goal is strengthening the connection between church and family in the local parish.

The weekend was filled with fun, activities, learning, fellowship, food, singing, an “around the world” themed dress up dinner, and much more.

A wonderful speaker was found to teach at the 4 main sessions across the weekend – Lauren Dewhurst, Children’s Minister at St Ives (formally from our JAC). Our kids and leaders had a wonderful time reconnecting with Lauren, and perhaps even getting up to a little mischief with her help.

Lauren spoke from the book of Luke and Acts with the theme: “To the Ends Of The Earth”. At the sessions we looked at Peter, Philip and Paul, saw how they shared the Gospel, and we thought hard about how we can tell our friends the Gospel good news story.

We learnt about:

  • Christ the savior being born – it is good news for all people everywhere
  • Peter telling the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah, Him being killed, God has raising Him back to life, and He’s now in His right place as king of heaven and earth.
  • Philip’s servant and the Ethiopian servant. Using the scriptures to explain who Jesus is and that He came to save.
  • Paul in Athens. The different responses from people (ridicule, questioning, believing), but through this and other experiences of sickness, prison, shipwreck and danger, Paul continues to speak the Gospel.

Over the weekend in the sessions, discussion groups and quiet times the children were encouraged to be Gospel tellers, to talk about Jesus using the bible, and to pray for opportunities and courage as they do. It was wonderful seeing a new, young generation being taught how to share the gospel with their friends.

Sean Balhatchet

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