Some extra things we’ll be able to do

What will our improved and extended building enable us to do that we can’t do now?

In General…

  • Provide access to the church building for those with limited mobility.
  • Provide a safe, functional and well located kitchen for easy catering for light meals.
  • Run meetings in a room designed for 30 without interruption.
  • Avoid regular power outages due to circuits being overloaded.
  • Invite friends without having to be self conscious about the run-down aspects of our building.
  • Toddlers can play on equipment while remaining clean and shaded.
  • Provide adequate heating and cooling.
  • Provide a private and roomy cry-room for carers of new babies.


And in particular, the new kitchen & community hub will enable us to …

  • Host Christianity Explored courses in a welcoming area with access to a kitchen for meals.
  • Improve our welcoming to church, by having everyone enter and exit through the same area.
  • Enable larger congregations to have morning tea/supper together.
  • Enable food to be served direct to the hall.
  • Have a regular service which includes a light meal.
  • Supervise children in the yard, while having tea/coffee in the community space.
  • Serve food to the yard or to the hall without having to carry it from the present kitchen.
  • Sit in church without people coming and going through doors at the front of the room.
  • Provide afternoon tea for funeral guests in a pleasant area.

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