• Sermon Outline – Zechariah 6:9-15 – Nov 12-13

    Here’s the PDF outline for the sermon this weekend… sermon-oultine-zechariah-6-9-15-nov-12-13

  • Monday Women’s Bible Study Group

    There is a secret that people may not know. A powerhouse of godliness and enquiring minds meets at the beginning of the week during school terms. In ‘fear and trepidation’ I visited this group last term and answered some questions and was blown away by what they were learning and

  • Overhall Furniture Sale

    What’s involved in becoming a CMS missionary? In January Chris, Stef, Eliot and Theo Overhall will officially begin their training with CMS to serve overseas. Here is some of what’s involved… Missionaries in Training – From January to June Chris and Stef will both be CMS “Missionaries in Training” at


    Once again we are taking a group of Yr 12 students away for a week at Nelson Bay. This year we have a much smaller group of students coming away from 19th-26th November and it will just be boys! We’ll stay in a luxury three bedroom townhouse in Nelson Bay.

  • Saturday Church Weekend Away, 14-16th October 2016

    The mercury peaked at thirty degrees on Sunday afternoon. Around 185 people, including many children, recently spent the weekend on the banks of the Port Hacking River.  Minutes from Jannali, but a tree-change and sea-change all-in-one. We filled Chaldercot and Deer Park. On both days, the pool and the waterslide were

  • Four Questions About Elisha (from last two weeks at church)

    Here are four “why’ questions that have been raised by our recent two week all-aged sermon series on Elisha. Why are there so many miracles in the time of Elisha compared to the rest of the Old Testament? The Exodus from Egypt, including the plagues and miraculous feedings features the

  • The Sholls In Latin America – Mission in Partnership

    Pete & Sarah Sholl and their daughters Karina, Lucy and Miriam are working as missionaries with CMS in Monterrey, Mexico. We (Jannali) are currently planning a mission trip in April next year to visit and work with them. We will be assisting with some training for youth leaders and Sunday

  • Sharkies: victory now, what next?

    My Facebook feed and the TV news have been filled with stories of celebration and jubilant fans. It’s hard not to feel excited about the victory (even as a Dragons fan). It’s good and right to cheer and celebrate when a victory of this kind happens. The Shire is a



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