• IGNITE 2016 Brochure Now Available

    Once again we are planning a holiday program of activities and events in January for students entering years 6-8 at school in 2016. Beginning on Thursday 14th January, we have five days of Bible sessions and activities through until Monday 18th January. The Bible sessions will explore the theme of

  • Thinking About Halloween

    As the end of October approaches, our kids want to dress up and go “trick or treating” around the streets. “Is there any reason for parents to be concerned about Halloween?”  Would you be surprised to hear that it is actually based the practice of Baal worship, sacrifices to demons

  • Our Church’s Giving

    Last weekend Ian Hadfield asked some good questions about our Church’s giving. Here are some answers. There are 3 ways we support causes beyond ourselves. First, we encourage and celebrate many individual members who serve and give directly to many different people, causes and missionary projects. Being largely secret, there is

  • Mission Today

    Missionary—what does it mean in a modern context? Is it an outdated concept? We all conjure up images in our mind when the word is mentioned.  Perhaps a doctor in the jungles of Africa or digging wells or building buildings in Indonesia or a bible teacher in South America or

  • Towards a Better Building

    Over this last weekend our Church Wardens presented an initial proposal to help us think and talk together about what we could do to improve some ‘tired’ areas of our church building. They have asked all church members to complete a survey to communicate any comments, encouragements, concerns, questions, ideas,

  • Holiday Kids Club

    During the last week of the school holidays we hosted many kids in our local community at our Outer Space Holiday Kids Club! The kids had a blast doing many fun activities and hearing the good news about Jesus. Each day about 120 kids arrived, they were greeted by kids

  • Planning to Pray

    God loves us to pray!  And why not pray? Prayer is a privilege that only Christians enjoy. Through Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can approach God and call him “Father”.  Yet most Christians find it a struggle to keep praying. Our minds drift. Our hearts

  • Mission Possible – With Ian and Narelle Hadfield

      Ian & Narelle are missionaries with CMS (Church Missionary Society), and have been serving in Jakarta, Indonesia for seven years. Ian is the Senior Minister at All Saints Jakarta, an English speaking church that serves the Ex-Pat & English speaking community of central and south Jakarta. Narelle is involved

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