• Sampsons Update: Why Bother with Bible College?

    Have you ever considered the lengths people are willing to go to in order to study at Bible College? In Sydney we have the opportunity, if we so choose, to attend several good Bible colleges which we can travel to with relative ease. We have the choice to study full-time,

  • Meagan ‘Soon-to-be-Deacon-in-the-Anglican-Church’ Bartlett

    By Chris Overhall Past ministry apprentice Meagan Bartlett will be ordained as a deacon in the Anglican Church this coming Saturday. It is a wonderful testimony to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and the Jannali Ministry Apprentice Program to see our friend, sister, mentor and teacher come to this

  • Our May Mission starts now

    I heard recently of a growth group who planned to run a “Christianity Explored” course to help people know Jesus.  What a great idea! There was a lot of enthusiasm in the group – after all in Jesus we have the most precious treasure in the world! The problem came

  • Sermon Outline – Psalm 103 – Blessing the Lord, From the Soul

    Here’s the sermon outline for this weekend – Blessing the Lord from Soul from Psalm 103 Psalm 103 Sermon Outline – Jan 16/17th 2016

  • Psalms of the Century

    “Psalms of the Century” is our summer-time church preaching series. We’ll be looking at 5 great Psalms… 26-27 December     Psalm 100 2-3 January             Psalm 101 9-10 January           Psalm 102 16-17 January         Psalm 103

  • Church on Boxing Day

    Saturday Church will meet as usual on Boxing Day, but with a different feel. It will be a sandwich of Christmas leftover food, centred on time with the Lord’s spiritual food. 5pm. We will still have BBQ sausages, but also bring any Christmas leftovers along and we will have a fun potluck dinner around

  • Albert Lamoureux

    As part of our mission to “impact the nations” we are pleased to announce that Albert Lamoureux will join us as a student minister in 2016. Albert serves as youth minister at an evangelical Anglican church in Mauritius (a French speaking island nation in the Indian Ocean). He has been



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