Saturday Church. 5:30pm.


  • Church is from 5:30-6:45pm2015.JAC.Saturday Church
  • There is a BBQ every week in the church yard at 5:00pm, usually a
    sausage sandwich, sometimes bacon. There is an optional gold coin donation for this.
  • About 100 adults on any given Saturday of all ages and life experience gather together. Everyone is welcome.
  • The kids’ program is brilliant, with more than 80 youth, kids and young babies. The kids have a huge amount of fun. They stay with parents for the first few minutes of church before kicking off their groups.
  • Every week there is also a creche so that you can come and enjoy church.  But if you prefer you can bring your little one(s) into the service.
  • We have a reputation of taking God and his word seriously but being relaxed in
    2015.JAC.Saturday Churchthe way we do things. There certainly is no dress code.
If you are looking for a new church family where you can grow and use your gifts to serve others OR are interested in finding out more about the new start you can have with God through Jesus Christ, let us know by using the “New To Saturday Church” page.



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