Saturday Church Weekend Away, 14-16th October 2016

The mercury peaked at thirty degrees on Sunday afternoon. Around 185 people, including many children, recently spent the weekend on the banks of the Port Hacking River.  Minutes from Jannali, but a tree-change and sea-change all-in-one. We filled Chaldercot and Deer Park. On both days, the pool and the waterslide were hits, as well as tug-of-war, fishing, craft, electives, Jannali’s Got Talent, a Trivia Night, plenty of ‘backyard cricket’ and so much incidental serendipitous conversation. Eating five meals and five ‘mini-meals’ together creates wonderful opportunities to know each other better. I was really excited that we had so many people join us who were new to our church or service.

Spiro Cassis was teaching the adults about God’s Renovation Plans. He opened up Biblical Assurance (Psalm 23), Biblical Generosity (Romans 12) and Biblical Riches (2 Corinthians 8). Working with Compassion Australia, he gave us wide-angled-lens preaching, with so much big picture thinking about what God is doing in the developing world, especially seeing many people come to Christ. One thing that struck me was that the Good Shepherd gives us all these blessings. He comforts us, is gracious towards us and gives us real treasure. And where does that leave us? But to use this for the sake of others.

The kids were taught by some of their amazing teachers, and special mention goes to the Rolland Family, who joined us for the weekend to teach the scores of school aged children.

There is something very valuable about temporary Christian community. As I have said many times, Church is like a family’s weekly meal and a camp is like a family holiday. Meals are obviously more important, but camps build memories and give opportunities to grow.

Most came for the whole weekend; some came just for Saturday. This photo was taken on Sunday after lunch.


Andrew Barry

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