What has God Joined Together?

This week the government has announced that there will be a postal vote on whether to redefine marriage in Australian law. To equip yourself to vote and to speak helpfully into the debate around us, the Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church has produced a short booklet to inform church members of the issues.The booklet begins with answers to the most commonly asked questions, outlines the Biblical view of marriage and considers three main consequences of changing our marriage laws. You can read the booklet here, or pick up a free paper copy in our church foyer.

For those who want to think still further, here are some other useful resources..

A interview by Chris Uhlmann with John Anderson (former deputy Prime Minister) – for a political perspective. Watch it here.

A sermon – preached by Neil Fitzpatrick in September, 2015. Listen to it here.

An article – from the Centre for Christian Living by Sandy Grant – “Defining and Defending marriage”. Read it here. 

A video – of a talk given by Sandy Grant (similar content to the article above). The topic is “Redefining Marriage”

A letter – sent by a diverse group of church leaders (including our own Archbishop, Glenn Davies) to Tony Abbott in June 2015. It sets out a case for the retention of our current marriage law. You can download the pdf here.

An article – from the ABC written by Andrew Errington. It’s called “Same Sex Marriage – What is really at Issue?”human-sexuality-and-the-same-sex-marriage-debate_600

A book –  produced by the Sydney Diocesan Doctrine Commission, edited by Mark Thompson (Principal of Moore College) called “Human Sexuality and the ‘Same Sex Marriage’ Debate”. It has several great chapters – including the opening chapter which describes how and why the ‘gay lobby’ has been so successful in changing public views of human sexuality. You can buy the book here (or even get a taste by reading the first 12 pages for free!)

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