How will a new foyer help our ministry?

How will the new space help our ministry?   

  • What we’re planning is not just a “foyer”. It will become the ‘community hub’ of our church life – where people are welcomed, where we mingle before and after church, where more informal events happen such as Christianity Explored courses, meals, meetings, Bible Study groups, etc. It will enable us to have a sheltered space with direct access to the kitchen, yard, church, ministry centre and hall.
  • The new community space will transform the way our church functions, and the way people interact. Instead of our kitchen and Parish room being ‘out the back’, these areas will move to the front – addressing the street and car-park from where people come and go.  Our current kitchen and parish room are also too small to accommodate our 3 larger congregations, resulting in people being divided into multiple spaces around our building and yard. The new space will unite our fellowship in one main space.
  • The new space will enable the back rooms to be used for small meetings rooms, and the main hall to be better set up for children and youth. It will also enable the current parish room to become an enclosed meeting room for groups of 20-30 people. It will enable more small groups to use the property simultaneously.
  • The new space will particularly benefit our mid week ministries – where we are most likely to contact newcomers.

 Are we just making things more comfortable for ourselves? 

  • We are not aiming to make things more comfortable for ourselves. We are aiming to help us better reach those around us, build each other and multiply disciple makers. We want to have a building that helps us welcome people, interact with people, and share Christ with people.
  • Our current building was originally designed for a battle-axe block. That is why the entry is partially obscured and at the side, the foyer is tiny and the ‘parish room’ is at the back. We are however no longer restricted by the battle-axe block, but have the yard and a partially opened street presence.  The new foyer/community space will present a far more obvious, spacious and warm welcome to our community.
  • Our building was also designed for a time when reaching the community was closely tied with people coming to a service. Now however, most of our connection with the community happens through mid-week ministries, which require different spaces, where activities happen and people can interact over tea, coffee and food.

Why not just fix up what we’ve got?

  • If we invest in the building we’ve got, refurbishing each area, we would achieve a more pleasant building. The cost would be over $0.5 million, which is still a significant investment.  However, we would then leave the next generation a ‘spruced up’ building, without having addressed the underlying limitations and hindrances to ministry.


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