Our Building and Our Mission

How does our building plan fit with our mission?

Our building exists to help us make disciples of all nations. It supports the prayerful preaching of the gospel both publicly and privately to reach people around us, build each other and multiply disciple makers.

Here is how our plans for improvements and extensions will serve our mission.

Reach people around us

Connecting with the community

In 2017 most of our connection with the community happens during the week as people come to our outreach activities (kids club, youth group, playtime, ESL, Jesus Club). Most of these activities hardly use the main meeting area. The new foyer/community hub will provide a friendly, inviting  space to welcome and engage with people. The kitchen will be on hand for serving food and drinks. It will also link the Ministry Centre, yard and church building, providing multiple spaces to suit the different requirements of each group.


The new community hub will provide a pleasant and non-threatening space, with a kitchen, ideal for small-medium sized invitation events and Christianity Explored courses.

Welcoming newcomers

Our current building is not welcoming. The entrance is on the side (or via the old vestry), it has no foyer, the ramp is too steep, the hall is in need of refurbishment and the kitchen and parish room are ‘out the back’. The new entry and community hub will be so much more friendly, open and easy to find. There will be room for a ‘welcome desk’. It will also draw people in and out of church through the one main entrance, making it much easier for us to be hospitable.

Large services

The new community hub will provide an overflow area for large services (weddings, funerals, confirmation, Christmas, etc). It will also provide a mingling area for engaging with people as they arrive and depart.


The new ramp will make our building accessible to people with limited mobility, and therefore welcoming to them and their families.


Build Each Other


Our current building divides people, hindering good fellowship. A typical Family Church morning tea sees people ‘tucked away’ in the parish room (inside and out), hallway, church meeting area, verandah and yard. The planned community hub will provide one space served by the kitchen, and linked to the church and yard, where our larger congregations can gather over morning tea or supper and better interact with each other. It will also enable parents to interact with others, while watching their children play in the yard.


A key element in our life together is sharing morning tea/supper and light meals together. Our present kitchen is not safe, nor of sufficient size to cater for our present needs. The new modern, safe and enlarged kitchen in its central location will enable more and better catering. It will eliminate the need to carry/wheel food to other places – as food will be able to be served direct to the new community hub (opening to the yard) and to the hall. This will enable us to plant a church service with regular meals (as many Asian congregations do).

Church meetings

The added space and opening up of the back of the church area will also give a sense of feeling less crowded. This will increase the number at which people perceive the building to be full, enabling our regular services to have a greater effective capacity. The new building will enable people to enter and leave from the back of the meeting area, rather than distracting everyone by using doors at the front. The stage, seating, heating/cooling and aesthetics will be improved to enable greater engagement with ‘the front’ and with each other. The new cry room will be bigger and at the back of the meeting area, rather than the current cramped room visible to all.

Bible Studies

Bible study groups increasingly want to meet on the church property. Other ministries break into multiple groups, occupying all the available spaces on our site. The new facility will better accommodate multiple groups meeting simultaneously. Furthermore, the new plan eliminates the current problem that some of our medium sized rooms (Blue room, Hall and Parish room) are thoroughfares and therefore subject to regular interruption.

Children, youth and young adults

The planned work includes significant improvements to the hall. The current parish room will become a new enclosed space for a group of 20-30 people. Both children and youth ministries use multiple spaces simultaneously. Although the yard will be slightly smaller, the new community hub will significantly enhance the usefulness of the yard. It will provide a covered verandah styled shelter at one end, easy access to the kitchen, and amphitheatre style steps for people to sit and talk. The new kitchen will enable snac and kids church morning tea to be served direct to the hall. The new playground will provide a clean and safe place for toddlers to play and parents to interact.


Multiply Disciple Makers

People need spaces to minister.

Children and youth leaders need multiple spaces for groups to meet, and larger spaces for joint activities. Our various mission teams need spaces to welcome the community and connect, and to divide into classes/groups. Bible study leaders need spaces for small groups. The new facility will link the Ministry centre, with its 4 rooms to the rest of the church, and provide a new pleasant space suitable for 20-30.

Regional Events

Our new space will better enable us to be able to host regional events in pleasant and workable spaces.


In a nutshell – why this building?   

  1. To solve current problems. It will address the limitations of our present building, enabling us to conduct better ministry to more people.
  2. To better reach people around us. It will greatly improve the welcome that our building, and we in our building, can give to the community.
  3. To better build each other. It will facilitate easier and better interaction with each other, helping us to know and love each other.
  4. To help multiply disciple makers. It will provide the kind of spaces needed for both staff and congregation members to minister.
  5. To provide for the future. It will bring our 35 year old building into the 21st century, use our land in the best possible way, and facilitate disciple making ministry for decades to come.

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