My behind the scenes tour

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been making some videos to show the various congregations what happens throughout the week. It’s been a privilege for me to hear stories from the various programs and activities. So far we’ve shown two of the videos in church and in the next few weeks there’ll be some more. I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been able to see.

Playtime: I started by visiting Playtime, which happens on Tuesday mornings from 10am-12pm during school term. It is a chance for mums, dads, carers and grandparents to meet together, play with their kids, and talk about life. I was amazed by the great connections this has formed between members of church and others in the community. There were a range of great stories of people caring for one another practically and in challenging times.

ESL: Next I went to ESL (English as a Second Language) which happens from 10am-12pm on Wednesday. It was great to see how many folks from non-English speaking backgrounds were here and how much everyone enjoys getting together. After ESL is an easy English Bible study for anyone who is interested.

These winners of the minute to win it challenge beat the ministry team.

Friday night youth group and SNAC: After this I went to Friday night youth group, where along with the other members of the staff team, we competed with the youth against the clock in a range of ‘minute to win it’ activities involving tissue boxes, chopsticks, dominoes, Oreo biscuits, and rubber bands. Prior to that, I had been able to hear a great youth talk and the groups studying Bible passages and praying together with their leaders. On Sunday, I also saw behind the scenes at SNAC — which is the well-coordinated dinner that happens after youth church. Much effort and energy goes into feeding the dozens of teens who meet on Sunday afternoons.

Jacks and Skittles: Finally, I attended Jacks and Skittles, and got to see a keen team of leaders and young people serving the children who come along each week (many straight from school and still in their uniforms). There was games, food, and great Bible teaching.

I don’t have time to tell of other great activities that happen. But these are a few which I am thanking God for the chance to see!

Josh Maule


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